shades of grey
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Title screen from the documentary
Shades of Grey:
This documentary deals with issues of conformism versus individualism and tolerance, and presents the audience with someone with a quite unusual lifestyle. It also addresses social stigmas connected with metal health issues, as we are presented with the fact that this character also suffers from schizophrenia and paranoia.
Though this is kept mostly silent to start up with, and the audience are view our character as merely quite eccentric. We are therefore shamelessly invited to gaze at this colourful character in a quite voyeuristic way, and entertained by his many quirky and smart features and ideas. We are also given an insight into how he feels about being out in public with his rather unconventional image, as well as a slightly emotional retrospective view of his life. Thereby we have built up sympathy for this character due to us being given a privileged view into this persons life, almost as a friend of his,
so by the time we learn about his mental issues we are not given the chance look at this person with prejudices towards madness. At this point we are also presented with a friend of his also diagnosed having schizophrenia giving a different account on the issue of mental health. We are also reminded of our main characters view on conformism versus individualism, but this time in connection with mental problems challenging the view of this as only a problem.
Zyra in his kitchen
This is the first video documentary I have directed, and although there were certain changes happening during the production, I would say it was very successfully executed, as the end result looked quite a lot like what had been anticipated in pre-production. Also something not very common for student productions, I could rely on my team mates to do what was expected from them. I can therefore truly commend these people, as this production went smoothly and after plan.

The responses on this documentary has been almost merely positive, and all our aims in term of thoughts raised after watching this documentary were for a large part reached. The documentary has now been awarded the price of "Best Student Factual Production" in the North-East and Cumbria by the Royal Television Society. This also means that the production will be nominated for a national award in the same category.

Watch Shades of Grey:

Directed by:
Michael Flack

Producer & Sound:
Elaine Lam

Research and Edit by:
JD Hames

Camera by:
Will Ranoe

Secondary Camera:
Yi Huang



© Michael Flack